Need a better car? Stretch your tax refund dollars with a rebuildable vehicle

Need a better car? Stretch your tax refund dollars with a rebuildable vehicle

Need a better car? Stretch your tax refund dollars with a rebuildable vehicle

We’ve had a mild winter in Western Pennsylvania, but there’s no question that this time of year is hard on cars. Freezing temperatures and snow create even more worry when your vehicle is on its last legs.

Yup, it’s March, but there is reason to celebrate – you’ve finally got your income tax refund in hand. The big question is how to spend it.

If your current vehicle has seen much better days and you’re not sure you’ll get where you’re going every time you get in the driver’s seat, your best bet may be spending your extra cash on a rebuildable vehicle.

Rebuildable Vehicles = Great Value

If you’re comfortable doing mechanical work or bodywork, buying a rebuildable vehicle can save you thousands of dollars, and you can be driving a newer model car that may be better than a brand new one directly from the factory.

By definition, a rebuildable vehicle (typically one that’s been deemed a total loss by an insurance company and salvaged) is one that can be restored to its original operating condition, per the manufacturer’s specifications.

Getting your Rebuildable Vehicle Roadworthy

In Pennsylvania, purchasing and obtaining a title and registration for a rebuildable vehicle is not a difficult process.

Here’s how it works.

  • When you buy a rebuildable vehicle from an auto salvage like Novak Auto Parts, you will be given a salvage certificate which reflects your purchase and is your proof of vehicle ownership.
  • Complete the necessary mechanical and/or bodywork on your vehicle or hire a repair shop to do it.
  • Have your vehicle inspected at a designated enhanced vehicle safety inspection facility. You can download a list of Pennsylvania service stations that do enhanced vehicle safety inspections here (PDF).
  • Be sure to bring your current driver’s license, certificate of salvage, bill of sale for the vehicle, any receipts for repairs and parts, registration card if you are reusing an old license plate, and your insurance card.
  • When your vehicle passes inspection, the inspection station will take care of submitting the paperwork to the state. If the inspection station submits it online, you can drive the vehicle immediately. Inspection and/or emissions stickers are not included in this process, so you will need to have that done within 10 days. Alternatively, some enhanced stations offer a reduced rate for that service at the time of the enhanced inspection.

Here at Novak Auto Parts, we have used and rebuildable salvage cars, trucks, and vans in a variety of conditions and at very affordable prices. Check out our Rebuildables web page to search through a list of our available newer model cars, trucks, and SUVs!

Novak Rebuildable Vehicle Before

Novak Rebuildable Vehicle After

We have a 20-acre inventory of newer model parts vehicles and, if we don’t have the parts you need in stock, we have connections with thousands of salvage yards across the US and can get parts within a few days from yards as far away as Florida, Iowa, and Connecticut.

Your safety on the road and ability to get where you need to go is important. If you need a better ride, put your income tax refund dollars to good use with the purchase of a quality rebuildable vehicle.

Stop in or contact us today to find out how we can help!

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